Phase 1 orthodontics, also known as early orthodontic treatment, is an important approach in addressing orthodontic concerns in children at an earlier age. Typically initiated between the ages of 6 and 10, Phase 1 ortho focuses on intercepting and correcting specific dental issues while the child’s jaw is still developing. This phase aims to guide jaw growth, create proper spacing for incoming teeth, and correct bite problems. Through the use of orthodontic appliances like expanders or partial braces, Phase 1 treatment can prevent more serious orthodontic problems from developing later on. It sets the stage for a smoother and more efficient Phase 2 treatment, which usually involves comprehensive braces when all permanent teeth have erupted. Early orthodontic intervention can lead to a healthier bite, improved aesthetics, and a reduced need for complex treatments in the future. Typical examples of appliances offered include habit breaking appliances, Hawley appliances and expanders. We also offer Invisalign.